Monday, March 07, 2016

The cult of Shiva!

Shiva is a youth icon in several ways. His ways may be comparable or contradictory to the youth, but through his several names, he invokes the perfect balance of existence.

'Adiyogi': He is depicted as the the first yogi to walk on earth.                                                 
The health conscious youth of today, are getting equally fascinated by Yoga.  

'Chandraśekhara': He is featured as having the moon as his crest.
The ambitious youth aim for the moon; so even if it is not hit, they still hope to hit a star.

'Kapardin': He is known for his distinctive hairstyle, wearing braided and knotted hair.
The fashion conscious guys find a style statement in keeping the hair long, gelled or shaggy.

'Nataraja': He is portrayed as a dancing figure with a trident.                                           
Likewise, the hyper-active youth turn-on to the energetic dance forms enriched with several props.

'Nīlakaṇtha': He is nicknamed the blue throat-ed as a result of drinking the poison, to save the world. 
At times the youth indulge in over-drinking to escape the reality, but end up feeling the blues.

 'Pashupati': He is represented as the lord of animals.                                                                
And so do the animal lovers have a fondness for pets, and find a companion in them. 

'Rudra': Translated as the roarer, he is interpreted as the mighty or the frightening one.          
The youth have a similar confidence to storm the old beliefs, and confront what's wrong. 

'Shambhu': Meaning shining on its own, he reflects his benign self.
It mirrors in the liberal disposition of the youth, who are eager to shine-out and carve a mark.

'Tryambakam': He is symbolized as three-eyed, which which he killed kama (desire).                          
In contrast with this, the youth have a burning desire and passion to churn the hearts.

'Indian Dionysus': He is compared in the Greek literature at the time of Alexander to the God of the Orient, associated with the bull, snake, anger, dance and carefree nature.                               
The similarity with the European icon, is akin to the way the youth are enticed to the west and adopt a global mindset. 

Shiva may thus appear to be mysterious. One can associate different interpretations - some accurate, some inaccurate. But when someone tries to delve deep he/she would understand the symbolism; and irrespective of the various forms, would get allured towards the cult of Shiva!

Happy Shivratri!

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