Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I Am the Revolution

(Photo Courtesy: Google)

Pithy and powerful.
Words my weapon.
I am the revolution;
You never expected!

A nation long suppressed.
Manifests in the mutiny.
And I clamor,
‘Long Live the Revolution!’

Young and distressed.
Join the reformation.
And I clamor,
'Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer!'

Ignorant and benighted.
Enslaved in mind and spirit.
And I clamor,
‘Education is Freedom!’

Subtle and staunch.
Struggling for expression.
And I clamor,
‘Strong women, strong nation!’

Crowded and constrained.
Competing for survival.
And I clamor,
‘Small family, happy family!’

Fanatic and freaked.
Fostering culture of hatred.
And I clamor,
‘Religion of humanity!’

Tormented and trembled.
Suffering under aggression.
And I clamor,
‘Scare away terrorism!’

Crushed and compelled.
The common man strikes.
And I clamor,
‘No compromise, to corruption!’

Cluttered and contaminated.
Causing natural destruction.
And I clamor,
‘Clean city, dream city!’

Disgraced and discriminated.
Fighting for identity.
And I clamor,
‘We’re here, we’re Queer!’

Amidst profound silence,
Breaks a faint cry,
I can, I will,
I am…the Revolution!

@ Tanima

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