Monday, March 02, 2015

The World Remade

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I'm the creator, the destructor…
I made the world in all its glory,
Grieved to see what man has made!
So, I spread all colors on my canvas,
To change how it is portrayed!

Blue is the ocean, the sky…
Symbol to fathom the depths, reach the heights.
Let its abundance, fulfill everyone’s need,
Nurture determination not apprehension,
Sharing not amassing, generosity not greed!

Green is for freshness, for prosperity…
For reducing the poison, the jealousy.
Clean environs to stimulate serene life,
Bringing the spring of hope, not fall of despair,
Growth not stagnation, accord not strife!

Yellow is the sunshine, the intellect…
The hallowed text of religion and renunciation.
Teaching the harmony of the body and the mind,
Tolerance not discord, optimism not cynicism,
                Imparting strength and wisdom to mankind!

Red is the rose, the celebration…
It ought not to be the blood, the aggression.
Show courage and sacrifice in the face of danger,
See love not hatred, beauty not ugliness,
                Kindness not cruelty, mercy not anger!

Brown is for the wood, the soil…
Rich and fertile, yet rustic and down to earth,
A natural treasure. Let not conscience decay,
Humility not arrogance, empathy not apathy,
                Plenty not poverty, let’s pray!

Black is for evilness, for emptiness…
For eradicating racism and joblessness.
From the far end of darkness, a new age beacons,
Where equality, education, economy flourishes,
                And the vicious, venal, vice weakens!   

White is the milk, the snow…
Let it bring nourishment and shelter,
Character and integrity, under that guiding light,
Truth not deceit, purity not profanity,
                Peace not anguish, amidst a gloomy night!

Silver and grey, the lining on dark clouds…
The waxing and waning of moon.
To bring grit n poise, along the ebb n flow of tide!
Gold, the elegant, the affluent, the flamboyant,
                To bestow dignity, but conceited pride!

Colorful opal, jade, ruby, topaz…
Cyan, the energy, to ignite the fire within,
Crimson glory, to adorn the beaten track,
Maroon, to abandon the immoral path, and
Magenta, to march to victory, not head back!

Bouquet of lily, lilac, lavender, hyacinth…
Pink, the feminine, to uplift the women,
Purple patch, to bring fortune and good luck,
Amber, to add aroma and the healing touch,
Azure, to be blissful joyful not amuck!

I’m an architect, a designer…
Building a paradise with my kaleidoscope.
Added a bit of glow, a pinch of shade,
Yesterday, it was just a dream, a fantasy,
Today it is ‘The World Remade’!

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