Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shri Ganeshayah Namah !

Ganesha is a lovable deity. His appearance invokes a sense of beauty, harmony and grace. Ganesha's name is invoked at the beginning of every ritual and auspicious occasion. He is also known by 108 names describing his varied forms: 'Siddhi-daata', the star of good fortune and success; 'Vidhna-harta', the destroyer of obstacles; 'Vakra-tund', the one with twisted trunk; 'Ek-dant', the one-tusked; 'Surp-karn', the one with winnow like ears; 'Lambodara', pot-bellied; commonly called Ganapati, the Lord of the Ganas or the celestial hordes.

May God fill the NEW YEAR with new hopes, new achievements. May all the long-cherished desires find themselves turning into reality! Amen !

(My wishes for new year 2007)

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