Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bienvenu :)

 Classes have gone-by really fast,
Ppt’s, write-ups are now the past;
The music, DoMS terrace & pictures,
After all that… d Unofficial Freshers’!

Join us at Benz Park on Fourteenth night,
We r sure u’ll hv fun & much to our delight;
It isn’t a cocktail party, hope you don't mind,
If something happens, u won't b left behind ;)

Evening Six-thirty, abide by that,
Dancing till Ten, will knock you flat;
People might still be going strong,
Watch them drooping & singing song!

It’s a Dance-party, wear d best you own,
Moments are captured, in the secret zone;
We’ll enjoy the games, with lots of cheer,
Will chat & giggle & have fun, my dear!

Two-steps will get you prancing,
N if u are mighty tired of dancing;
Perhaps some corn or chicken soup,
Will give the zest to rock the group!

Now, I am at my wits end,
When will I be ‘on the mend’?
No more prose, poetry, rhyme!
Hey all, Welcome! Party Time :)
(For Freshers' Nite)

PS: Picture courtesy Google. 

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