Sunday, January 01, 2012

Festivities Galore :)

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May the New Year bring peace n leisure,
Fun, love, happiness n moments to treasure.
With each passing month, festivities galore,
Family, friends and new places to explore!

When the Sun transcends to Capricorn,
Fly kites, dance o’r bonfire n blow the horn.
Adorn in yellow on the very fifth day of spring,
Worship Saraswati for the knowledge she brings.

Wait for February, when Cupid strikes,
Shower ur Valentine with gifts n likes.
And those who are left aloof this season,
Pray on Shivratri for this mighty reason!

When festival of colors carries all in jolly mood,
Choose mud n bhang or gujiya n yummy food.
Rejoice the lunar year with your customs, ethnicity -
Gudipadwa, Navreh, Vishu, Bihu, Ugadi or Vaisakhi!

Jagran, bhajan, kirtans so soulful,
Make the Navratras so mirthful!
Friday is welcomed, this one's specially Good,
To try buns, berry, bakes, bacon or Easter food.

Again, May marks the month of Labor,
It’s time to work, and work with ardor.
The hot summers just pass in forlorn,
Except one day, when I was born :)

Before tying a Rakhi, claim your sweets n gift,
Breaking Dahi Handi? Beware or you go adrift!
Watch flag hoisting, to fill you with national fervor,
Florals, float-races, feasting make-up Onam festival.

In September, give your teachers the reverence,
And use your learning, to dazzle with brilliance.
Then comes Ganpati, bringing wisdom and good fortune,
Accompanied with modaks, processions, fanfare, festoon.

For the coming fortnight, Bengal comes alive for Pujo,
Like life’s only shopping, pandals, culturals, roshogullo!
And to witness the deity, in absolute glory n gaiety,
Must visit Mysore Dussehra in its beauty n majesty.

On Karvachauth, watch women fasting under full moon,
Come festival of lights, pray to Laxmi to grant you a boon.
Honor Sun God on Chhath, for bestowing bounties on earth,
Recite the hymns, relish the langar n rejoice Nanak’s birth.

December has come, when you hear jingle bells,
Decorate ur tree with candy cane, tinsel, jewels.
If you feel Indian festivals weren’t just enough,
Attend Winter Carnival on some foreign turf.

And for all the wonderful days in between,
There is picnic, parties, movies to be seen.
Finally, when all the celebration is done,
You’ll realize next year has already begun!
(My New Year Wishes) - Tanima

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