Saturday, January 19, 2013

Money Money!

They say, money can't buy happiness, money is the root of all evil; and yet, today money is the world's driving force, it has become the 'barometer of societies' virtues'!

No doubt, the all news headlines revolve around the money, honey...
  • 'Coalgate estimated at INR186,000 crores'...can't even count the number of zeros there!
  • 'Pratibha Patil's foreign trips cost public exchequer INR205 crores'...alas, this was around the world in little more than 60 days!
  • 'Angelina and Brad's baby pics reported at $14 million' much people pry on others lives, if only they could live their own!
  • 'Kim Kardashian's wedding estimated at $10 million'....and she walks away without incurring a cost of one cent!
  • 'Harry Winston created $3 million ruby slippers'...can't even use it to throw on someone during the fights!
  • '$2 million Dark Knight Home Theater to be ready by November'...start saving your nickels, if you want to go back all the way to the dark age and become a caveman!
  • 'Whitney Houston's funeral cost Newark $187 thousand'...well, at least let her rest in peace!
  • 'Japanese company creates $100 thousand diamond-studded toilet'... what for, to poo or pee on it!
  • 'Kanye West had his bottom teeth replaced with diamonds costing $60 thousand'.... you don't think that cosmetic smile is as good as wearing braces!
  • 'Damien Hirst and Levi's Spin Jeans at retail price of $27 thousand'...would take a brave-heart to wear that piece of modern art! 
  • 'X-rays of Hitler's brain auctioned for $3,225'...had that person spent on a psychiatrist, it would have been a wiser proposition!
  • 'Serendipity3 sold $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae'...somebody actually got money to burn, to quench the thirst!
I fail to comprehend the motive behind such bizarre, corrupt, crazy, inane, ridiculous, senseless, silly, absurd acts. Fad, greed, obsession, show-off, whim, fancy, mania or MONEY ?? In the end, it's all but a money game!!

Ye wise philosophers, explain
  What magic makes our money rise,
When dropt into the Southern main;
  Or do these jugglers cheat our eyes? 
The nation then too late will find,
  Computing all their cost and trouble,
Directors' promises but wind,
  South Sea, at best, a mighty bubble.
Jonathan Swift:The South Sea Project (Bubble Act) 
PS: Picture courtesy Google.  

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