Monday, September 14, 2015

An equally special woman!

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I am a woman.
God created all men equal, yet He made women special,
A contradiction of sorts!
God created us different, not duplicates,
To complement each-other, not to confront,
Do you understand, my cohorts?

I’m born equal, but treated differently!
Till infanticide or dowry prevails, I’ll be considered a liability.
I too want nourishment to grow, education to expand my horizon,
To choose my career, and not be dependent on anyone.
Oh Man! I seek equal opportunity, and empowerment,
No favors, no shortcuts, to achieve my mission!

I feel special, when I’m loved and cared,
Sickened when considered that obscure object of desire,
I’m not defined by fair skin, svelte figure or modern dress!   
I just want to breathe and walk, free and fearless, day or night.
Oh Man! You possess me when you cherish, perceive and support,
No force or wealth can achieve it, nor words can express!

I’m strong enough to endure childbirth,
And so delicate, to shed tears when I’m hurt,
I’m firm, to balance home and job, to shoulder responsibility,
And tender, to caress my kid in my arms, feed with my fingers,
Oh Man! Our roles might be different, rights are equal,
Our life’s choices are mutual, not to be imposed by society!

I don’t forget small gestures of affection,
You don’t remember the big moments,
I expect no more than what I’m willing to share,
Your tiny acts of courtesy, chivalry, make me feel so special!
Oh Man! I want to hold-on forever, not to confine you…
I’ll make your highs higher, just in my lows be there!

If you’re the head, I’m that pivotal neck,
But, an invisible ‘glass ceiling’ shadows my achievements,
And workplace harassment gets on to my nerves!
I call for ‘equal pay for equal work’, to end this prejudice,
Oh Man! I seek no alms, no excuse, no sympathy,
Only recognition, to the extent my merit deserves!

I play sports, I’m regarded a tomboy,
I seek social parity, I’m labelled a feminist,
But, I have too many dimensions, to be stereotyped,
Every bit of me, from eyes to voice, head to heart, is special,
Oh Man! I've grace and guts, I seek admiration and respect,
No battle of sexes, no notions that are hyped!

I echo the ‘Testament’ that,
“Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him,
Not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled,
But under his arm to be protected, near his heart to be loved!”
Oh Man! I wish to be treated equally special as you,
I'm an equally special woman!

@ Tanima
“I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda

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