Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Freedom to Dream: India at 70


 (Photo Courtesy: Google)

I, Invincible India. A panoply of colors, a mystical enigma.
Born out of shackles, rooted in the past, embracing the future.
Longing for the spirit to envision, wings to fly, freedom to dream!

I, an innocent child. A beam of sunlight, sent from heaven.
Still, walking in darkness. Starving, deprived of learning, forced to labor.
Hope of tomorrow! Yearning to open the gate, get the freedom to grow!

I, a wondrous woman. The energy that creates, nurtures, transforms.
Tormented by the curse of dowry, bigotry. My place is home, whither to roam?
Waiting for equality, enablement, empowerment; and the freedom of choice!

I, the third gender. Creation of God, odd one in the crowd.
Disgraced and discriminated. Living in ignorance and isolation.
Aspiring for access to work and justice, for freedom to participate!

I, a persevering farmer. Sow seeds of labor, to grow a grain of faith.
Often, weather-beaten and debt-ridden. Live in strife and relinquish life.
Tiller of the soil! Dreaming to yield gold, to gain the freedom to flourish!

I, a sedulous worker. Serving the man, sold to the machine.
Crushed by the mighty. Pushed to live from hand to mouth.
Seeking dignity of work, skills to develop, freedom to thrive!

I, a brave soldier. Bite the bullet, face the battle of nerves.
Lose life and limb in mortal war. While, kith and kin bear the deepest scar.
Pride of the nation! Wishing for peace and care, for freedom from fear!

I, a healing physician. Preserver of life, inspirer of hope, to people…
Plagued by malady, disability. Pills that bring ills, bills that cause chills.
Aiming for a nation with accessible affordable care, and freedom from pain!

I, a focused athlete. Fire within me, sky above me.  
Lack resources and recognition. Play the game, for fifteen minutes of fame.
Craving for environment and encouragement, for synergy and freedom to soar!

I, a liberal secularist. United by Bhajans, Azan, Gurbani and Carols.
Divided by fanatics, ugly as sin. Spreading hatred outside, hell within.
Praying for a leap of faith, tunes of harmony, freedom of conscience!

I, a public servant. Centre of power, force of fire.
Or, a fearful master. Backing corruption, favoritism, wanton destruction.
Pleading to show integrity, serve with humility, let freedom to question!

I, a rustic village. Living in peaceful silence, hearing the murmuring of life.
On the edge of civilization. Facing appalling condition and blind superstition.
Soul of the nation! Searching for the road to prosperity, the freedom to rise!

I, the progressive school. Igniting life, instilling creativity, inspiring change.
Living in prisons of mind, in ivory tower. Where the poor are confined, drop-out, cower.
Cultivating mental and moral faculty, realizing the latent ability and freedom for all!

I, the creative media. Weave fact and fiction, shape the thought.
Twined between power and peril. Twist the angle, turn silent in the jangle.
Pillar of democracy! Demanding the truth to prevail, the freedom to voice!

I, the blooming businesses. Hallmark of opportunity, catalyst for transformation.
Restrained by red tape, looking for loopholes. Put the seal, in backroom deal.
Fueling economy and employment, social inclusion and freedom from want!

I, the zealous people. Force of a billion, feelings a zillion.
All caste and creed, language and ethnicity; standing on the edifice of humanity.
            Harbinger of change! Striving forward towards one dream, India of my dreams!

@ Tanima

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