Saturday, August 26, 2017

Slogan Contest - Courage

What is courage ?
Is it bravery, the ability to go ahead and do something that one is frightened of ?
Is it letting go of your anxiety, that is pulling you down ?
Is it the challenge to perform a difficult task, that even one is afraid of achieving ?
Is it capability to let go of your fear, like they talk in the heroic and inspirational tales ?
Is it the capacity to take on big bold steps, in the face of adversity ?
Is it an act of physical stamina, like the fights in an action movie ?
Or is it more vocal, like the great social reformers who spoke against injustice ?
Is it the skill to capitalize on an opportunity, and even fail in that attempt but with grace ?
Is it the ability to bear financial loss, in pursuit of an innovation ?
Is the entrepreneurial spirit, to let go of the easy path to pursue your dream ?
Is it like an adventure or your ability to imagine and think big ?
Is it following your heart, to be with your loved one without worrying about the social norms ?
Is it the firmness with which you speak your mind, even when the voice may shake ?
Is it the substance to do or stand for what is right, despite opposition ?
Is it the confidence to be yourself, and even face criticism for that ?
Is it the strength in the face of pain to bear a massive loss and still smile your way out ?
Is it the dignity you maintain while suffering, and not lose faith in Good or God ?
Is it the act of perseverance, to try and try over, no matter what obstacles come your way?
Is it the toughness, not to go back, walk sideways or compromise midway ?
Is it retro-inspecting what gets butterflies in your stomach, and preparing for the future ?

Courage indeed is all of these and more...
And so how do I sum up in one sentence ?

"Courage is choosing the jungles over palace, chastity over abundance, fire over renouncement; and Sita the embodiment of it!"

And this one liner got me a free autographed copy from one of my favorite authors..what a good way to start a weekend!

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