Thursday, March 08, 2018

I Am Beautiful

It's one day, when everyone talks about women...
And it's one word, what everyone talks about - 

Beauty is more than good looks. It's more than skin deep. And, it's such a cliche!
What makes you beautiful is what you are.
The battles you have fought.
The challenges you have faced.
Your victories. Your defeats.
And how you are still standing tall!

The contest gave all the wondrous women a chance to tell how amazing they are by completing the slogan: "I am beautiful, because...."

And, my 50 words to honor :)

I am beautiful, because,

I have a smile, that’s welcoming;

I have a soul, that’s inspiring;

I have a head, that’s aspiring;

I have a heart, that’s loving;

I have an arm, that’s embracing;

I have a foot, that’s marching;

And because, I am beautiful inside out!

Why just look at the face, when every bit from head to toe is beautiful?
Stay beautiful, always!

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